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Surviving the Stay at Home Order

If you are like me, you are desperately missing your office and wishing you could retreat there. It is hard to stay home 24/7 with your family. What is worse, the days tend to blend in together and the hours seem to get lost somewhere. Have you experienced that? I know I have. There is nothing like going to work at 9am only to look up at 2pm and think oh look at that I missed lunch. I am missing my every day cues and the flow that typically happens in my life without having to even look at a clock. I bet you know what I mean, too.

What is your morning routine like? Do your children leave for school at the same time every day? Does your husband always eat every morning at the same time or get ready in the same order every morning? These rhythms to our normal days have been drastically disrupted and I have to tell you it is really hard. I know for my children not having their typical schedule has been driving them nuts and my husband is carrying on as if nothing even happened and we are all looking at him like he is crazy. The truth is in a crisis we all handle stress and uncertainty differently and the best thing to do is to find grace and compassion for those we live with because no one is immune to the grief and stress of the pandemic.

Here is a light-hearted TGIF Stay at Home Tip Guide.

TGIF Stay at Home Tips
TGIF Stay at Home Tips

Sending you and yours a lot of health and safety during these crazy times.

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