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Getting at the heart of change

Thursday, September 19, 2019, we welcomed Tammy Longo from Westwood, MA as our first Lunch & Learn Speaker. Not only did Tammy bring some super yummy and healthy food for us to eat, she had an amazing story to share. If you missed out, don't worry we'll have her back next year.

When I meet people, I always love hearing about how and why they started their business. I know this might seem cliche but each person almost always has a very unique story to share and if you listen you will hear why their business gives them purpose, the passion they've put into their endeavor, and how it has almost always dramatically changed their lives.

Today, I am going to be sharing Tammy's story because I love how it showcases why people join direct sales companies and why we shouldn't dismiss independent consultants thinking they aren't real businesses, because they are very much real businesses.

Tammy's career started off in retail as a buyer. First, she worked for a fashion retailer and then for a big office supply chain. But, as you can imagine, traveling as a buyer and also balancing a family makes for a very busy and chaotic schedule. Tammy didn't find her current business until she was met with a family tragedy. One of her children became very sick and it became her mission to make sure that everything in her home whether it was cleaning products, food, skin and hair products were free from toxins and things that could make her family sicker.

Now let's be real here because I think this is something that us women under acknowledge. Did Tammy have to do any of these things for her family? NO. In fact, there are many families all over the United States and other countries who have family members who suffer from acute immune disorders, cancer, and terminal illnesses and they never go to the great lengths that Tammy did to make sure her family was safe. So, Double High Fives for Tammy.

So, what does Tammy do for her family? Tammy is an Independent Wellness Advocate with doTerra, a company that specializes in making products from high quality locally sourced essential oils. doTerra provides everything from supplements, high quality third-party tested oils, skin care, home cleaning products, and diffusers. She replaced all of the items in her home with non-toxic alternatives created with high grade essential oils. What she found was that her family's health improved and they aren't sick as often. Seeing the results for herself, she now shares the information she has learned as well as the results she has experienced with the community. She is passionate about educating others on what is in the products we use and helping people make better choices so they too can experience better health.

How has this impacted her life? Tammy now has the flexibility to be with her family more and she gets to experience great products that she would have bought anyway. Tammy does a lot of educational classes, networking, and is always looking to help anyone who would like more information about how essential oils can help them increase the health of their lives.

If you'd like to learn more about what Tammy does or has to offer, please reach out. She is a truly wonderful person and we are so thankful to have her as a speaker.

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