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Working Evolution

In the 80's work was thought of differently, a typical work day consisted of getting to the office before 9am and work to at least 5pm. Companies required works to work in an office and most spaces had more private offices than open or common areas. Work was different back then and it has evolved over the decades and molded around the technology and companies that exist today. As we go into 2020, the definition of work and workspace is changing into a fluid experience that melds virtual, flexible, and more modular concepts of work and where it happens.

Today a company doesn't have to have a brick and mortar location and its workforce doesn't have to be physically present to work giving rise to many companies becoming remote only. As corporations grow, the work place mindset is also shifting to allow employees to work where they work best. Many organizations now allow employees to work from home, in coworking centers, or in more open space concepts where employees just check into a desk opposed to having a permanent desk, office or cube that is all their own to use.

These trends aren't just impacting traditional companies, but they are also spreading to the way people see space in general. Salons are now sharing spaces, catering companies and food companies now share kitchen space, artisans now share gallery and creative workspace, and professionals from all different fields are coming together to share space whether they are lawyers, real estate agents, therapists, coaches, or massage therapists.

The benefit you can see from this growing trend is a cross-pollination of services to people. More professionals have access to referrals and relationship building opportunities than they would have in a traditional office space. There is a cost savings aspect to this trend as well and overall the shift in resources can be seen in the amenities and benefits professionals now get out of a workspace.

So are we going back to the 80's way of working any time soon? It doesn't look like we will be headed that way for the foreseeable future, but it will be interesting to see how work and where it happens changes over the next 20 to 40 years.

CoWorks @ Vita Therapia is a shared office space solution located in Westford, MA.

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