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Coworking vs The Home Office

It was a sunny spring day back in early 2017 and I was on the phone with a potential coaching client. I was deeply listening to what the person was saying on the other side of the phone, when my neighbor walked by with his two small dogs. The abrupt sound of my dogs barking, running to the window, distracted me and interrupted the experience my potential client was having with me. I was super embarrassed. Needless to say the client choose not to hire me and although I am not sure it had to do with the dogs, it really made me think about what kind of environment I wanted to work in and bring my clients to.

Coworking for me was a smart choice because I could have a really nice office space with a lot of great amenities but not have to pay for it or occupy it all by myself. I need people around, even though I am often a self-proclaimed introvert, the truth is I love having people around. I like having the sounds of others moving, of passing by someone in the hall, of saying hi to people, and stopping to catch up with people. It helps me feel like there is more to life than just my family and my business.

I started CoWorks @ Vita Therapia because I knew there were others like me who also had the same needs and wants, who felt uncomfortable in the stuffy high end coworking chains, and who wanted a local comfortable alternative. I am extremely proud of what we have created together. Our members are a collection of really amazing practitioners and small business owners in and around our local areas or who live in our local areas. I love that we serve a purpose and that we can help others who also struggle with using an in home office.

So, you might ask, what is the differences between coworking and the home office. Here is a quick animated video to point out a few differences:

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