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Our Community


Dear Members,

Your safety and health are super important to us as we get through the Covid-19 pandemic together. As of March 24, 2020, the State of Massachusetts will be in a Stay in Place order. This means that only essential businesses are allowed to operate at brick and mortar locations. 

We have quite a few members who fall into the essential businesses category and so therefore we will be remaining open to accommodate these businesses. If your business does not fit into the essential business category or if you can work remotely during this time, we ask that you do so for the safety of everyone in our community.

While the stay in place order is active, we will be visiting the center to keep up on surface cleaning, mail collection, and stocking supplies.

We are also available to all businesses for free mentoring, virtual zooms, and IT support if it is needed over this period of time.

Please remember that you aren't alone and if you need any support at all to please reach out.

Below is the file released by the Massachusetts Government on what constitutes an essential business.

Please reach out to Jenna directly if you have any questions at 978-228-5330.

Sending you all thoughts of health and well being,

Jenna and Ryan

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