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Office Solutions

For the Way you work.

Now more than ever,

flexibility in office space solutions is essential.

Work has changed | How we see Clients has changed

| How kids go to school has changed

What hasn't changed?

The Need for


No matter how you work these days,

there's a solution for you:

Private Offices | Desk Space | Conference Rooms
Single Memberships | Shared Memberships | Day Passes


About You

You are a business owner starting or growing a business as you exit a corporate career

You work for a company who is in another state, doesn't have a fixed office, or allows remote work

You are a local professional who serves the community or local businesses

You are passionate about the products you offer and work to build relationships with those who would benefit from what you offer.

You own your own private practice that is health or service related

You are a couple working from home and struggling to manage kids and work all in the same space

"Coworking isn't a workspace industry; it's a happiness industry."
- Alex Hillman

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Don't you love it when you have options?


Flexible Office Spaces | Coworking Spaces - 

The best place to find many different options to fit your office space needs.

You'll find the following options available at CoWorks:

  • Day Passes

  • Private Offices

    • By the Block

    • By the Hour

    • Full Time

  • Conference Rooms

  • Pop-Up Shops

  • Individual Memberships

  • Company Sponsored Memberships

  • Shared Memberships

Are you a parent or partner who struggles during the pandemic to get things done with kids at home?

Share a Membership with your spouse or partner, taking turns using office space while getting your work done.

Are you excited about the possibilities?

Your Safety

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Covid-19 Policies

Your safety is vital, to make sure we are doing all that we can to combat the spread of Covid-19, we ask that all members and visitors follow the below protocol:


  • All visitors, clients, and members must WEAR A MASK and social distance

  • Everyone is required to WASH YOUR HANDS upon entering our office space

  • Refrain from using waiting rooms, please wait in your car until the member you are visiting can see you

  • Use the special waiting room we've created in the Small Group Room (Unit 1D), if you take public transportation, rideshare, or have a car without A/C

  • All members or day pass holders are asked to disinfect any space used with the germicide cleansers provided

  • If you aren't feeling well, have a fever, or Covid-19 symptoms or have come in contact with someone who has Covid-19 please stay home and self-quarantine

  • If you have traveled from outside of New England, please wait two weeks before you visit us

  • Please follow our occupancy limits for open areas, conference rooms, and private offices

  • Remember that compassion and patience are needed in times of crisis 

Thank You For Helping Us

Keep Everyone Safe


Did You Know?

Case Studies

Why do people use coworking spaces?

The Cost Factor

Why shared spaces help small businesses?

The Butterfly Effect

Why working with others can lead to better results?


My class loved being at CoWorks @ Vita Therapia. It is so relaxing and inviting. We really enjoyed our time here this weekend. Thank you for all you do.

Wow, CoWorks @ Vita Therapia's Open Workspace is so nice.  I could spend the afternoon in here and just read a book. I love having a place to come and focus.

It is so easy to see clients at CoWorks @ Vita Therapia. I love the waiting rooms and the flexible membership options.

My business has grown at CoWorks @ Vita Therapia. I love that I can get and give referrals. It helps to have other like minded businesses around.

There is such a good energy at CoWorks @ Vita Therapia. It is calm and peaceful. Jenna has really created a great place for us to work.

I get so much more work done when I am at Vita than I do when I am working at my home office.  It is where I go to get work done.

I love all of the positive says and great tea.  I could wander around here all day.

CoWorks @ Vita Therapia gives me a space to grow my MLM business away from my house. I don't have to banish my family from the house anymore.

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Are you an amazing business?

Are you looking for an opportunity to be part of a community, support the growth of local businesses, and increase your brand's reach?

Nothing feels better than knowing part of your marketing strategy is assisting and supporting others. If you are a business looking to increase your reach, we offer Sponsorships and a Member Benefits Program. 

Want to learn more? Click the link below to schedule a mutually agreeable time we can meet or contact Jenna at the contact information below.

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