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Private Offices

*New* Day Pass - We offer Full Day and Half Day Passes in a Private Office depending on availability.

  • Half Days = 6 hours

  • Must Pre-Pay Prior to Using Private Office

  • Cancelation Policy 12 Hours notice, less than 12 hours no- refunds are available.

Flexible Private Office - Memberships come with a certain number of hours each month (typically 10, 20, 30, 40 hours a month)

  • Hours can be used for any Private Office Reservation

  • Hours are not rolled over each month

  • Provides flexibility for those who have a changing schedule or who want to accommodate client schedules

Recurring Reservations in a Private Office - This membership is for a recurring block of time in a private office on a certain day of the week.

  • 1 Block is equal to 7 am to 1 pm or 2 pm to 8 pm for one day

  • A person can have a membership that contains more than one block

  • Blocks are to be used in the same room on the same day each week of the month

  • Perfect for those with a fixed schedule

Address Service available for both Flexible and Recurring Memberships

Desks in Open Workspace

Basic Desk Membership - This membership is just for using a desk in the Open Workspace. It is a super easy membership. Just show up, check-in to the booking system, and get to work.

  • Bring a lunch or eat out at any of the great eateries nearby

  • Never leave for coffee, we have coffee, hot cocoa, and even iced coffee

  • High-Speed Internet and Wired Connections if needed

Premium Desk Membership - This membership has all that the basic membership has with the added benefit of time in a Private Office.

  • 6-hours in a Private Office each month

  • Any available Private Office can be booked

Other Benefits:

Address Service

Printing available

Adjustable thermostat

In-house library

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Conference Room

On-Demand Reservations - Book time in the Conference Room when you need it. We ask that reservations be made at least 24-hours in advance so we can ensure we have availability.

  • Must be Pre-paid prior to the start of your reservation

  • Refunds will not be given to cancelations less than 12 hours before the start of the reservation

  • There is an extra fee for the OWL Video Conference Service

Basic Conference Room Membership - Do you have regular meetings with clients and want to take advantage of having time in a conference room you can use?

  • Address Service Included

  • 6-Hours in the Conference Room to be booked any time during the month

  • Unlimited coffee, water, and tea

Premium Conference Room Membership - This plan is for those who have a lot of meetings and want to proactively plan to have a space ready to have their meetings.

  • Address Service Included

  • 12-Hours in the Conference Room to be booked any time during the month

  • Unlimited coffee, water, and tea

Pop-Up Shops

Weekly Slots - We welcome any artisan or small business who typically relies on fairs or big events to sell their products in our large group room during the pandemic as a Pop-Up Shop.


  • Your own entrance

  • Load-in on Wednesday afternoon/evening

  • Shop Open Thursday through Sunday

  • Loadout Sunday night and Monday Morning

  • Pay one fee, you keep all of your profits

  • You can do all of your marketing or if you'd like us to help let us know and we can quote you on the different options.

  • 2 to 3 shops can split a week

We do follow the CDC and Massachusetts Health Guidelines:

Which means all visitors must wear a mask, wash hands or use hand sanitizer, social distance where possible, and refrain from visiting if unwell or traveling out-of-state

Reach out for more information!

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Don't Forget!
Shared Memberships

If you have a spouse or partner, you can share your membership. There is a monthly access fee for the shared partner which is less than the cost of two memberships. To find out how a shared membership could help you, reach out and we'd be happy to send you a quote.

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