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Your whole world changed mid-March 2020 when all of the schools in Massachusetts went to virtual learning. You experienced the pains of juggling your child's virtual education schedule with your work schedule. With schools reopening and many implementing some version of virtual learning, you are concerned with how this will affect your ability to work.

You and your spouse are most likely going to work from home, but you are both concerned about productivity slipping. You know that both of you will have significant projects to contribute to, essential calls to join, and deadlines to meet. You need a solution that will help you balance work, education, and family life.

Your Priorities

Your Struggle

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You are looking for a flexible office solution that both you and your partner can use to ensure you are meeting your work responsibilities. You are looking for an option that can help you achieve the following:

  • A quiet place to work when you have important deadlines to meet

  • An office or conference room where you can join or host video calls

  • Flexibility to use space 24/7 to accommodate your family's schedule 

  • Great coffee and tea to keep you going through long work sprints

  • A place to escape to get work done

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How We Can Help You

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We have created a wide variety of flexible office space options while providing a professional, comfortable environment to meet the needs of busy working parents. We understand that you need flexible options that will help you get work done and accommodate your family's schedule. 


We have many different plans available to meet your needs. We offer custom quoting and proposals to make sure you choose the right package for your current situation. 

Our goal is to be your partner so that you can achieve your work and family life goals. We highly recommend setting up a tour or a zoom meeting to discuss your needs and how we can support you and your partner. We do not give out rate cards because we want to build a relationship with you. We understand you may want a little insight into just a few options we offer and the general starting hourly and monthly rates. A few of them are listed below for your convenience.

To schedule a mutually agreeable time to meet and discuss your needs, click Let's Connect below or use the contact information at the bottom of the page.

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Shared Couple Options

  • Options range from Desk, Private Office, Conference Room

  • Pick a membership that works for you and your partner


Until October 15th

Receive 2 for 1 pricing

Contact us to learn more.

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Several options available


$20/hour or $120/month

Private Office

Several options available


$12/hour or $120/month

Desk Space

Several options available


$25/Daypass or

$100/month (desk only)

$200/month (desk & office plan)

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