Small Business Sponsorships

We offer Small Business Sponsorships for local small businesses from Direct Sales, Coaches, Stylists, etc.  The program gives a small business a spot on one of our shelves or bookcases to showcase their business for a set amount of time. It includes monthly business shout outs on our social media channels, as well as a choice of assistance with marketing from a video session, to design services.

Option 1:

Shelf Space Only - $250 for 6 months or $50/mo

Option 2:

Shelf Space & Creative Services - $450 for 6 months or $85/mo

Corporate Sponsorships

Do you work for a corporation and would like to get brand exposure in our workspace? We have several different ways you can leverage our space to market your brand and message. From sponsoring events which includes providing food and advertising cost to naming rooms and sponsoring center services, we are happy to work with you to see which option would work best for you.  

Option 1:

Event Sponsorships - Starting at $100/event

Option 2:

Service Sponsorships - Starting at $200/mo


Option 3:

Room Sponsorships - Starting at $5000/yr and last for 12 months

Why choose to sponsor with us?

We are a group who loves to support each other.  We also love helping businesses who might not need to use our space but want to be part of what we do as a community.  Money that is collected through sponsorships help subsidize the operations of our center and if we have extra money left over, we use it to help with improvements, member subsidies for when bad things happen and someone needs a helping hand, and to continue to grow our community, our reach, and expand what we do best helping each other through the use of shared space and time.

Sounds beautiful right?  So what are you waiting for find out how you can join our group of sponsors and be part of the coworking revolution!

Apply Today!

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