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Private Practice

You own and run your business. You don't work for a larger company or firm. You enjoy the freedom that comes with serving your clients how you see fit as an individual business owner. You don't answer to a Board of Directors, Boss, or supervisor and can choose what hours you work.


In the past, you've worked in a company or organization to gain experience. You don't miss the bureaucracy, but you do miss having people around to brainstorm, build relationships, and form long-lasting business collaborations. The most important thing for your business is your clients, and you want to make sure when they visit you, they have a great experience. You are looking for a community of other professionals to join and share space.

Your Priorities

Your Struggle

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Considering your clients, you know that you need to consider the following when looking at a space to call home:

  • A location that is easy to find and close to a highway

  • On the first floor for easy access

  • Professional waiting area to great clients

  • Plenty of engaging reading materials

  • Beverages for clients and yourself

  • A place to store food

  • Several bathrooms 

  • A warm, welcoming environment

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How We Can Help You

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We have created a wide variety of flexible office space options, while providing a professional comfortable environment to meet the needs of your new and growing business.  We understand that the way you approach working in your business may not always fit into the traditional way businesses have used office space in the past.


We have many different plans available to meet your needs and offer custom quoting and proposals to make sure you choose the right package for your current situation. We will also recommend options and plans to think about as you plan the growth of your business.


When and if you are in need of a full-time office, we do have select number of full-time offices available. If we don't have any open or if you need a large space for a team, we can connect you with a realtor and office furniture vendor.

Our goal is to be your partner and local supporter as your business grows. We highly recommend setting up a tour or a zoom meeting to discuss your needs and how we can support you and your business. We do not give out rate cards because we want to build a relationship with you. But, we understand you may want a little insight into just a few options we offer and the general starting hourly and monthly rates. A few of them are listed below for your convenience.

To schedule a mutually agreeable time to meet and discuss your needs, click Let's Connect below or use the contact information below.


Several options available


$20/hour or $120/month

Private Office

Several options available


$12/hour or $120/month

Virtual Office

Several options available



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