Together we thrive, a solitary effort is lonely and less impactful.

Working from a place of service and looking for opportunities to collaborate is a great way to grow and expand not just for us but we hope for our partners too.

Curious about partnerships with CoWorks @ Vita Therapia?


We are looking to collaborate, partner, and work with action oriented, people first, relationship building organizations and professionals to help us grow our reach, our community, and number of lives we impact with the programs and services we offer.

Who are we looking for:

Professional Sales People who are motivated and don't mind taking a commission only gig.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers who might have know of professionals and businesses who don't fit into the typical mold for a commercial office but would be great for a coworking environment.

Apartment Management Teams who are looking to offer extra amenities to tenants without spending extra on creating and managing a new service.

Networking groups, Leagues, Associations who are looking for a space to meet.

Direct Sales Professionals who don't like holding parties in houses but would prefer to have them in a safe public location.

Large Corporate Campuses or Businesses who have a large client base who could benefit from taking workacations.

Hotels who would like to have a referral partner.

Service providers for small businesses who can offer a discount to our members or provide information about their company.

Caterers, Food Trucks, and local Restaurants to be part of our featured vendor list.

Important Information

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