Open Workspaces

24.7 Access

Starting at $200/mo

Conference Room Time

Free Guest


Nights & Weekends Only

Starting at $150/mo

Conference Room Time

Working has evolved over the past decade and is much more fluid.  This means that the spaces where work happens need to be fluid too. Open Workspaces are a collection of desks, tables, and comfy sitting areas where people can come to work either by themselves or with a guest.


We have two main Open Workspaces, one is a cafe style and is close to our Zippy's Espresso Love Machine, the other is our gallery, which features modern lines and rotating local artwork.


How do people use open workspaces?

Meet Floura

Floura is a busy professional who works from home but struggles to concentrate when the family is around.  Floura misses going to a physical office and just wants a space to sit and work.

Meet Cam

Cam owns a business and wants to be part of a community that provides flexible work options. Cam enjoys meeting guests, holding video calls, and thriving along with others.

Meet Sim

Sim works for a big corporation with a desk, but finds the interruptions during the day impacts productivity. Sim uses Open Workspaces to get away from the office and get work done, like a work oasis.

Are you ready!

Get access to ready to use open workspace, no need to fight distractions, suffer from the swinging door whiplash of coffee shops and cafes, and no limitations on internet access.


Internet that isn't timed out or capped.  Members have full access to the internet and up to 5 hours in our conference room and 2 hours in a private office to take private calls.

Office Basics

We provide the office basics: water, tea, coffee, toiletries, cups, serveware, paper plates, etc.  Internet, utilities, are all included in the membership rates we offer.

If there is ever something you need, ask and we'll see what we can do.

Office Management

Ever wonder how everything gets done in an office space? We take care of the little things that take away from time you could be making money.  We handle mail service, some light reception, IT, cleaning, & scheduling to ensure it all runs smoothly.

Events & Networking

From our monthly networking events, Member Pot Lucks, Member sponsored events, and community sponsored events there is a lot going on at CoWorks @ Vita Therapia.

We invite you to join in and get to know the people in and around our community.

Welcoming Spaces

We use soft comfortable furnishings that work for a variety of work situations from working with clients, working solo, to having an impromptu meeting, our offices can accommodate a lot of different options.

Curious what our whole center looks like?  Book a tour and we'd happily show you around!

Benefits of Joining Us!

Our Spaces

We are comprised of 3 office condos and offer:

  • 24/7 access

  • High-speed Internet

  • First Floor Units for ease of use

  • Plenty of Parking

  • Kitchenettes (Fridges)

  • Plenty of Coffee, Water, & Tea


We love helping our members:

  • Mail Services

  • Light Receptionist

  • Virtual Assistant Work (for an extra fee)

  • Advertising opportunities

  • Creative Services

  • IT Troubleshooting

  • Online Billing

  • Online Reservations

  • Assistance with Event Reservations


  • Placement in our Directory

  • Additional promotional opportunities

  • In-house classes provided by our members (meditation, tai chi, CPR training)

  • Access to Video Conferencing equipment

  • Near plenty of good eats

  • Near plenty of good shopping

  • Right off of 495

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

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