I am Jenna Amara, the CEO of CoWorks at Vita Therapia. I am passionate about connecting people to the resources, knowledge, and connections they need to be successful in areas of business.


One of the ways, we do this at CoWorks is by providing comfortable workspace that isn't your standard hard line, cube filled, office space. We have designed our space to be a bridge between working at home and working in a standard corporate office. Our furnishings are all selected to bring a sense of calm, focus, and professionalism. Regardless of how you might want to use our space our goal is to provide a space that is comfortable and somewhere all of our members can enjoy.

We cater specifically to small businesses, solopreneurs, practitioners, remote workers, gig professionals, independent contractors, and direct sales professionals. As a natural extension, our mission is to provide programs and services that benefit those who use our space. We provide a mentorship program, small business consulting and coaching, as well as online workshops and courses that teach business fundamentals for the small business and solopreneur.

Below you will find Information about each of these areas. If you have any additional questions, I welcome you to schedule a video call with me.

Warmest Regards,

Jenna Amara


Is more than a desk, a chair, and good coffee (Although good coffee helps)

What if...

It is about feeling comfortable to be you

Finding a space where you can concentrate, focus, and get things done

Where you are more than your business or job - you are a member of a community

It is more than paying for space, having internet, and a place to see clients

Breaking from tradition - coworking is much more than a membership

It is about being a part of something bigger than yourself

We are member focused and our goal is to provide a space that gives a broad range of people the opportunity to work in an office without the expensive overhead that comes with a long term lease of traditional commercial office space.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Office

Every business needs a physical address that is different from your personal residence.

We offer a program for local businesses who typically work from home but need an address.

Join our Virtual Office Membership, get a mail slot, and 3 hours a month in one of our meeting rooms.

Starting at $75/mo


We offer two Open Workspace Memberships. 

Basic Membership - 24/7 Access to only our Open Workspaces per availability.

Premium Membership - 24/7 Access to our Open Workspaces and 6 hours a month toward a private office or meeting room per availability.

Day Passes are also available starting at $25/day.

Memberships range between $100 & $200

Private Offices

We offer two Private Office Memberships.

Flexible - This membership provides a set number of hours in any of our available private offices with reservation each month. 

Fixed - This membership provides a fixed reservation for a specific private office on a specific day each week for a specific time frame.

On-Demand Reservations without a membership are only available with advance notice.

Standard Memberships Starting at $120/mo

Custom Memberships also available

Meeting Spaces

We offer three different meeting space options:

Monthly Membership: Subscribe to use a set number of hours in a meeting room each month.

Fixed Monthly Membership: Subscribe to use a specific meeting room, on a specific day each week, at a specific time each week.

Workshop - Event Reservations:

These are on-demand reservations and are first come first serve. We do book up to 1.5 years in advance.

Hourly Reservations Starting at $20/hr

Memberships Starting at $120/mo

Member Benefits


Easy to Use Booking Site

More Access than Non-Members


All of our spaces are ready to use with desks, chairs, waiting rooms stocked with books


Business Grade Gig Speed Internet

Wired & Wireless


A Network of Professionals committed to serving others through their businesses


We support local businesses. Our Coffee is serviced by Zippy's Espresso Love


Marketing Opportunities - Waiting rooms, Online, Networking

Small Business

Coaching & Consulting

Starting and running a business takes courage, strength of will, determination and the drive to keep going even when everything feels like it is falling apart. No matter where you are on your business journey finding an advisor to walk with you, ask good questions, and bring new perspectives to your situation is important. There isn't a business on this planet that operates in a vacuum. There are so many forces that impact a business and can determine if it will be successful over the long term.

The coaching and consulting I offer is focused around the fundamental principles of business. There are a ton of trends that will come and go, but what has always stood the test of time are the business basics. Many people focus predominately on sales and marketing, but there are so many other departments in a successful business. It is important to look at all of these departments when running a business even if you are the only person in each department. I offer both coaching and consulting to offer the best service to those I serve. I can act only as a guide and sounding board or if needed I can jump in and help you implement a strategy.

My approach to business is to be people-centric, looking at the impacts of business decisions on the people the business employs and serves. Thinking of the people in a business first when making any business decision is important because without people a business doesn't have a purpose for existing.

Consulting and Coaching is billed at $150/hr, bulk packages are available for monthly, 3 month, and 6 month packages.

Project work is billed at $50/hr

Video work is billed at $100/hr

Mentorship Program

The success of any business is directly related to the resources a business person has available to them. We also know that not everyone can always afford to hire a coach or consultant to work with them. To help those who may need a guidance but are not ready for coaching or consulting work, we offer a limited number of mentorship opportunities. If you would like to be in our mentorship program, please apply below. The type of mentorship and the commitment will be discussed during our first meeting.


@ Vita Therapia

Are you in business or about to start a business and you aren't sure where you are going or where to get started?


We offer integrated knowledge for busy business owners who didn't go to business school.

Our focus is on providing the fundamental business basics that can be applied to many different kinds of businesses. 

  • Business Plan Creation

  • Planning and Strategy

  • Sales and Business Development

  • Marketing and Communications

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Operations

  • Technology

  • People

  • Finance Basics

  • The Outer World - Economics

  • Social Responsibility

  • Application Specific Workshops

Coming Soon!

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