Booking Options

for Members & Non-Members


Within Membership Plan

Members can book within their plan by logging into our space management system.

Outside of Membership Plan

Event Space outside of a members plan can be booked through a reservation request through our space management system or by sending an email, text, or calling us. or 978-228-5330.

Non-Members & Guests

Guests and Non-Members

If a Member's guest or a Non-Member would like to book ongoing space with us, please reach out by email, text, or call and reference who referred you so we can thank them.


You can also sign-up through our space management system. There is an application process.

Please note:

Ideally we'd love for you to come for a tour, to see our space, learn about what we are all about, and so we can learn about you. We believe that relationship building is an important part of being part of growing a community and supporting our local members as a referral partner.

Member Login

Booking Explained

Why Memberships?

In the coworking world, we call the pre-determined number of hours and set of spaces for a specific price a member can use each month, a membership.


Private Office for 20/hrs a month = $240/mo

a member can book any available private office up to 20 hours that month for the membership they pay ($240/mo).  Anything beyond the 20/hrs is an extra fee and is billed at the hourly rate.

Why not just fixed hours?

Coworking centers often just use packages of hours and executive offices or shared spaces will use fixed hours or morning or afternoon slots that can be booked each day.

We actually started off just offering fixed hours but we found that often the slots didn't always work for everyone.  Allowing our system to be more fluid, offering packages of hours allows us to be inclusive of how many people work and not just a few people.

How is event space booked?

We offer event space in the following formats:

Monthly: 6 hours/mo or 12 hours/mo or a custom plan

For one-time events: We offer a minimum reservation of 3 hours, 6 hours, or full day

*We do offer a bulk discount if you book one-time events (not monthly) for a whole year or more than 4 weekends.  Email us for more information.

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